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A bicycle-car crash eight years ago cost one man his ability to move from the shoulders down. Now, with assistance from a number of cutting edge technologies employed by neurologists and neuroengineers at Massachusetts General Hospital, he is able to use both his hands and arms once again. hand1

The researchers used something called a “neuroprosthesis” – which is a device that either supplements or supplants the input or output of the nervous system. This type of technology can restore a degree of sensory, motor and autonomic functions by stimulating or simulating the nervous system, including nerves, muscles, spinal cord and brain.

The lengths to which this bicyclist had to go to regain even a modicum of movements highlights the severe injuries that can result from bicycle accidents, and why you need an experienced attorney to ensure you recover all the damages to which you are entitled.  Continue reading

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In an effort to highlight the varying challenges and issues that face commuters of all walks – and rides – of life, advocacy group MassBike hosted its fourth annual, “Boston-to-Somerville Rush Hour Challenge,” (previously known as the “Rush Hour Race”). bicycle5

Seven different commuters were challenged to see who could be fastest to get from the MassDOT headquarters in downtown Boston to Davis Square in Somerville. The challenge involved three bicyclists – one on an electric bike, one on a Hubway bike and one on a personal bicycle), an MBTA “The T” passenger, a runner, a walker and someone who drove their own vehicle.

The winner? The electric bicycle rider, who was first to cross the finish line in just 28 minutes. Meanwhile, the driver of the car came in sixth place – just ahead of the person walking the route. It took the car driver 40 minutes to reach the finish line.  Continue reading

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Should new bike lanes be added to Massachusetts Avenue? sharetheroad

The question has sparked a heated debate, as many fear that the precious few parking spaces that exist along the road will evaporate if we prioritize pedalcyclists.

But bike safety advocates say it’s simple: “Save Lives, Not Parking.”

Massachusetts Avenue has seen more fatal crashes than anywhere else in the city, and bicycle accidents are a top concern. The city has vowed to be create a more bike-friendly atmosphere, and that means making sure that bicyclists are safe to ride where it’s legal for them to do so. That’s the driving force behind the initiative to install protected bike lanes along Mass. Ave. That’s going to mean posts being installed between car lanes and cyclist lanes.  Continue reading

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